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What do you guys do?

CraftCv is a online tool for everyone who is looking for a job. We provide specially designed CV templates that are elegant and creative. We believe that the future of personal branding innovation and originality - that's why we develop new features for our users which enable them to customize their application documents.

How does Tidio benefit your business?

Tidio has helped us in planning our next steps when developing new features. We gather feedback from our users and create the best strategy to deliver the best possible experience for our future customers. Thanks Tidio!

We love Tidio because it allows us to communicate with our customers first hand while they are on our website.

How did this tool improve your customer experience.

We didn't know what problems users might encounter until we started using Tidio! Chatting with our users is something that we love to do! Thanks to Tidio it is so easy to gather more information from our customers!

Which features of Tidio Chat do you like the most?

When we aren't able to be online, Tidio sends us an email message! This is very important for us since our visitors use this feature quite often.

Would you recommend Tidio Chat to your friends?

Yes sure! We recommend Tidio whenever we can! It is super easy to use, it grows and grows! You can see more and more options every month! That makes us believe in the future success of Tidio.

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