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What do you guys do?

Prymaxe is a family owned and operated business created by musicians, for musicians. What started out as a small vintage guitar store in New Jersey has quickly become the go-to online shop for musicians all over the world. With the largest selection of in stock effects anywhere and an ever-growing offering of the finest guitars and amps, Prymaxe is truly a one-stop shop for all of your tone needs. We’ve revolutionized the way customers can shop online with our unbeatable prices, highly knowledgeable sales staff, world class customer service, in-depth product video demos, fast free shipping, and industry leading return policy.

How does Tidio benefit your business?

Tidio lets us provide instant feedback to all of our customers. Being on online store, it’s hard to have those employee-to-customer interactions that one would find in an in-person store. Tidio allows us to have a virtual store where we can answer questions, give discounts, and seal the deal in real time over the Internet.

We love Tidio because it allows us to communicate with our customers first hand while they are on our website.

How did this tool improve your customer experience.

We have saved a remarkable amount of sales by being able to provide instant feedback to customers. If a customer has to email and wait for a response, they are more likely to go shop somewhere else. With Tidio Chat, we can provide the fast, friendly customer service that customers want — and it keeps them coming back for more!

Which features of Tidio Chat do you like the most?

Our favorite thing about Tidio is how friendly, knowledgable, and responsive the staff is. Whenever we have a question, they’re almost always online to give us an immediate answer. Whenever we discover a bug, it’s usually fixed by the end of the day. Whenever we suggest a new feature, we usually see it happen in the next few iterations of the software. Tidio really cares about their clients and you can tell they strive to make — and are succeeding at making — the best online chat ever!

Would you recommend Tidio Chat to your friends?

Yes! Tidio is by far the best chat service we ever used.

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