Android notifications

If you’re not receiving any notifications for new conversations or messages, please check if you have notifications enabled on your mobile device.

For Android devices you will need to go to the “Apps” section and select “Settings”. Next, select Tidio Chat from the list.


Go to “Apps”

Click “Settings”.

Go to the “More” tab and select “Application Manager”.

Now, find the Tidio Chat app and select it.

Check if you have the “Show notifications” option checked, if not please select the box next to it.

You can also set the priority for these notifications. Just like before, go back to Apps > Settings. This time select “My Device” and go to “Sounds and notifications”.

Find the “Application notifications” from the list.

Next, select Tidio Chat.

You will see two options, please turn on the “Set as priority” option.

I can’t hear the incoming notifications.


Please check if your device isn’t muted (swipe your finger down from the upper edge of the screen). If it is muted, you will need to turn the sound back on. Another reason for this may be that you have the notifications turned off in the app. Please go to the Tidio Chat app, select “Settings” and switch them on like in the image below:

If you are still having trouble receiving notifications please contact us on [email protected]

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