Apple notifications

If you’re not receiving any notifications for new conversations or messages, please check if you have notifications enabled on your mobile device.

On your Apple device, please go to your Settings:

Select Notifications:

Scroll down to Tidio Chat on the list and open it:

Enable all the options, as in the picture below:


If you wish to always get your notifications please turn on the Stay online in Settings > Notifications within the Tidio Chat app. This will keep you logged in at all times and allow you to reply to your chats even when you’re on the go.

I can’t hear any incoming notifications.


You might have your device muted. To turn the sound back on, please flip the switch on the left side of your phone. Another reason for this may be that you have not enabled the sounds for the application itself. Please go to Settings > Notifications in the app and enable the sound as in the image below:


If you are still having trouble receiving notifications to your Apple device, please contact us via chat or at [email protected] 


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