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Create automations to greet visitors on your page, prompt them to chat or even provide a response when your operators are not available. You can also automatically add and remove tags to your visitors to help you monitor the sales process.


There are multiple conditions to choose from. Simply select the condition after which an automation will be triggered.

You can create customized automations for different pages and choose when will they pop up - simply paste in the website address on which you want it to appear.

Now choose an action. You can send a message on chat, send an email or add/remove a tag to a visitor.  

If you have chosen to send a chat message, a window will pop up for you in the next step:

Type in the chat message, save the settings and you are done! Your automation is ready to be delivered to your visitors.

After that you will be able to check the statistics and see when they were triggered.

To edit your current automations click the edit button on "action" or "message"


You can remove any Automation at anytime. Simply press the "Delete this automation" button which will appear when you hover your cursor over the message.

There are different scenarios in which you can trigger an automation.

When visitor opens a page:

It's time to react when a visitor is looking at a certain product page for a long time. They might be comparing your offer with another store, they might need some advice with choosing a right model, size, etc. Set an automation to send a message to those visitors, like: 'Do you need any assistance?'

When someone visits the website for the first time

We are able to track new visitors that come to your website for the first time and engage a conversation with them. This will help you generate more leads and your potential customers will feel that there is a real person ready to support them.  

Please note. If your visitor begins a conversation before your automatic message, then the message will prevent itself from displaying.

When an operator doesn't respond:

Are your operators overwhelmed with clients? Are you away from the keyboard? Send an automated response letting them know that you are there for them. Select the waiting time and choose an action.

When visitor returns to website:

We are able to track returning visitors that come to your website and engage a conversation with them. This will help you convert leads and generate more sales. Your returning customers will feel that there is a real person supporting them.  


If you are experiencing any problems with Automations, please chat with us or send an email to [email protected]


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