Adding Tidio Chat to Your Website

Bigcommerce Installation Guide

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1. Installation guide

If you would like to install Tidio Chat to your BigCommerce site, please start by logging in to your BigCommerce panel. Then, go to the “Apps” section and select “Marketplace”.

In the search bar, type in 'Tidio' and select it from the available apps.

You will be redirected to our app’s page where you need to click the 'Install' button.

When the following screen appears, please click the 'Confirm' button.

You will be redirected again, this time to the Tidio Chat panel. Please follow the instructions in the quick setup.

Once you’ll be in the chat panel, please go to the Channels section and under the Live Chat category, open Integrations. From there, copy the installation code located in the box below.

In the BigCommerce dashboard, please navigate to Advanced Settings and select ‘Live chat’.

Choose the option ‘Other Third Party Live Chat Service’ and press Save.

Look for the tab ‘Other Third Party Live Chat Service’ and click on it. Paste in the chat code you copied from the Tidio panel to the box and select it to be added ‘At the top of the page’. Save the changes. 

That’s it! You have successfully installed our chat on your website! You can now access the chat panel from the Apps section.

In case you run into any trouble during installation or experience any difficulty with our application, please contact us via chat on our website or at [email protected]



2. The Widget is not showing up after I installed the chat on BigCommerce.

This may be due to a small problem with your Bigcommerce template. You can fix it by performing the following steps:

Please go to your BigCommerce panel, select the “Store setup” tab.


Now, click on 'Design' and look for the 'Edit HTML/CSS' button in the currently used theme settings.

A new window will appear where you can edit your code. Please look for the "Footer.html" file on the left and if you see that the %%GLOBAL_LiveChatFooterCode%% code is missing in it, please add it.

After doing so, please save the changes and refresh your Bigcommerce panel. If this still won't make the chat appear on your webiste, please paste in the chat code to the HTMLHead.html file just before the marker.

Remember! To uninstall the app, log into your BigCommerce admin panel, proceed to the Setup & Tools -> Live Chat -> Other Third Party Live Chat Service and delete our code from the 'Live Chat Code' section.


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