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How to hide your chat on Mobile or Desktop

You can choose to have your chat displayed on mobile devices, desktops or both. There is also an option to remove chat from a specific page on your site or to only have it appear on certain pages i.e. (Contact Us, Pricing, etc...).

To select your display options, simply go to the “Channels” section of your Tidio Chat panel and select the Appearance section.

Next, scroll down to the display section.

  1. Always display- Chat will appear on each page of your website for all desktop and mobile devices.

  2. Display only on desktop devices- Chat will only appear to visitors using a desktop computer.

  3. Display only on mobile devices- Chat will only appear to visitors using a mobile device.

  4. Adjust- You can customize your chat to appear only on certain subpages and/or devices. When you select “adjust”, the following window will appear:

In this window you can type in the URLs of the subpages where you would like to hide your chat. You can also specify whether this should be applied to a mobile or desktop device, or both.

Once you have finished applying your settings, please make sure that you save your changes at the bottom of the page.


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