Getting started

How to install chat on your website

You can install Tidio Chat to your website using our one-click plugins or by adding a JavaScript code to your site.

Option 1 -  (Plugin)

For the easiest and most comfortable way to install Tidio Chat, please search for Tidio in the app market of your web platform and select Tidio Chat.


Have a look at the instructions below for a brief installation guide for the following platforms:

Option 2 - (Javascript Code)

If your website does not use one of the platforms above, simply set up a new account at by clicking on “Try it out”.

To find the installation code please go to the Channels (1) and click on the Integration (2) section.

After clicking on the Integration section, please Click here to see a set of instructions with a JavaScript code. Copy the JavaScript code to your clipboard.

Paste the copied JavaScript code snippet, above the closing tag of your website’s source code. Save the changes and that's it! You have successfully integrated Tidio Chat with your website.


If you'll need any assistance with the installation process or encounter any difficulties, please write to us at [email protected] or chat with us at

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