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How to utilize Tidio Chat

Live chat is a very valuable feature and it gives customers an opportunity to communicate with you in real-time, and vice versa. In this article we'll explain to you the main advantages of live chat support and how to effectivelly make use of the Tidio Chat app with some groovy examples!

Benefits of having a chat:

Cost reduction

Live chat reduces the expenses of your business. Unlike others, we target small and midsize business so you don’t need to invest money in expanding your customer service and hiring a dedicated support team - all you need to do is to have the chat available, and you can manage it yourself. With a FOREVER FREE Basic plan, you don't need to put up any money to make use of the Tidio live chat support. Check out our pricing here:


Improve the support experience

Whenever your customer has a question or a problem, you need to be there for him to make the purchase process as quick and easy as possible. Make yourself available 24/7 and see the sales go up! Your customers will be amazed with the chat experience and will surely prefer it over spending hours ‘on hold’ over the phone or waiting for the email response.


Gather important data

You can see a great deal of details like customer's location, IP address, operating system, device and the browsing website to help with technical issues or the URL of the site they’re currently browsing to give you an idea of what they’re looking for even before you start talking to them!


Develop and expand

Get the feedback about your products to develop and expand! Nothing helps better than learning the preferences of your customers. Are people asking for things you don’t do? Consider offering those. You received several requests for a particular T-shirt model or color? Why not supply it?


and most importantly...

Increase sales:

Remember that each visitor on your website is a potential buyer! Approaching the visitors on your website can easily turn them into a customer. Be there for your customers. Engage them proactively to resolve their doubts and concerns, communicate with them, and let them know there’s a real person there who can help in choosing the right product and assist with the purchase process. This is also the time for you to let your sales skills shine - offer a better product or an accessory matching the customer's choice and seize the opportunity to upsell and increase your profit.

Mobile app:

Get yourself a mobile app to be always available and never miss a potential sale! You’ll be able to answer incoming chats on the go. No matter if you're in the park, subway or on a lunch - grab your phone and close some sales! (But don't text & drive.)

You can download the mobile apps directly from the chat panel in Settings > Desktop & Mobile section or from the respective App stores:



Email and Messenger Integrations:

Now you can be even closer to your clients and create a real bond with them. Manage all your communication in one place - answer chats, respond to Facebook messages and emails, all this from one Tidio chat panel!

Go ahead and create your own client base: get your customers details like email and phone to let them know about special offers and events! Send him a quick email and start a long-term conversation. You can even have those details before your visitor starts to chat! Learn more about the Pre-chat survey feature here:


Automatic messages:

Help your business develop even without engaging your customers yourself - set up automatic messages triggered by specific actions. Currently we are working on a new version of our Automation feature.

You can look up the current version and a guide how to set it up here:


If you have any more questions for us regarding the Tidio Chat utilization or you seek advice, please contact us by chat or at [email protected] 

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