Integration with Zoho

To integrate Tidio Chat with your Zoho account, follow the simple steps below:


1. In the chat admin panel, go to Settings > Integrations and click on the Zoho tile.

2. The app is now added to your account. To fully integrate Tidio Chat with Zoho you will need your API Key. To find the API Key, please log into your Zoho panel.

3. Next, select the Setup tab in the top-right of your Zoho panel.

4. Scroll down to the Developer Space section and select APIs.

5. In the Browser Mode section, type in "Tidio” and then press the Generate button to get your API key.

6. Copy the AUTHTOKEN to your clipboard - this is your API Key.

7. Now you can go back to your Tidio Chat panel to input your API Key. Also select the domain, according to your region of operation. Remember to hit the Save button to keep the changes.8. That’s it! You’ve finished integrating your Zoho account with Tidio Chat.

If you are experiencing any trouble with this integration, please contact us via live chat or at [email protected]

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