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Is there a free version? - Downgrading your account to Basic

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Tidio Chat offers a Basic version, which is free forever.

However, each new user gets a free 7-day trial of the paid plan, so you’ll have a chance to test out all the premium features we offer.

Once your free trial ends, you’ll have the option to choose: either downgrade to the Basic plan or sign up for a subscription.

When you choose to ‘Continue as Basic,’ the chat panel will refresh and you'll be able to continue using the service. You’ll see your account’s status in the upper-right corner, under your name.

You can add more features or Automation triggers at any moment by clicking the Upgrade button.

 How do I downgrade to Basic if I'm using Shopify?

If you're running an online store on the Shopify platform, the steps to downgrade to Basic from a paid plan are the same, however, the Billing section in your Tidio panel looks a little different.

To cancel a paid subscription purchased for Shopify store, please go to Settings and then Account section. Under the Billing press Cancel button to cancel your subscription:

Alternatively, you can click the Upgrade button in the upper right corner of your Tidio panel, then set the number of operators to 0 and Automation to 100 and click "Cancel My Subscription"

If you have any questions regarding the downgrade or the available features, please contact us on our live chat at

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