My automation is not working

So your brand new automation is not displaying... Here are two ways to check if it's set up correctly:

1. Clear your browser's cache 

You may have already seen that specific automated message. An automation is displayed just once per each session.
Clear the cache in your browser and check if the automation appears.

2. Open a new incognito window
You can open a new incognito/private window inside your browser by clicking CTRL + Shift + N (on Windows devices) or CMD + Shift + N (for Mac) on your keyboard. In incognito/private mode there's no cache stored inside the browser, which makes it a great tool to simulate a new visitor. Visit your own website in incognito/private mode and see if the automation appears.

If you still can't see your automation, simply reach out to us via live chat on our website or contact us at [email protected].

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