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Security Policy

Here at Tidio Chat, security is of great importance to our team. We ensure that the highest standard of security is provided to our clients and their site visitors.

Tidio Chat uses a multi-layered infrastructure. Data received from our clients’ browsers is securely transferred to our servers.

The layers of security are as follows:

  • Widget display - a secured connection between the browser and the JavaScript code, as well as the browser and our socket servers.

  • Panel display - a secured connection between the browser, our server and the browser sockets.

  • The final connection between the servers and our data storage.

How is it encrypted?

  • All Tidio Chat connections are encrypted with 256bit SSL protocol. All our domains are hosted on a secure, HTTPS address. There is no expiration date on the stored data. The data will remain on our servers even if a client does not extend their subscription.

  • The most vital data, such as passwords or credit card details are encrypted with one-way hash algorithms in our database, ensuring that no one can decrypt them.

  • Our infrastructure is based on the highly secured AWS Cloud servers.

Where is it stored?

The Amazon-based infrastructure allows for a quick response when it comes to resources. They also provide a high level of security, thanks to Amazon’s built-in cloud protection.

How do we use it?

Tidio will not review, share, distribute, or reference any customer data. Tidio may access customer data only for the purposes of providing our services, preventing or addressing technical problems at a customer’s request.

What about our integration partners?

One of the main features of Tidio Chat is the ability to easily integrate with a wide array of other IT solutions.

We promise high data security on all the information shared by our integration partners. The only data we collect is for integration purposes, commission checks and tax compliance.

The data itself is collected only upon the operator’s request and is kept securily in our database. It is also forwarded to our partners, only when triggered by an operator.


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