Adding Tidio Chat to Your Website

ShopPad Installation Guide

To install Tidio Chat to your ShopPad account please start by creating an account with us. Go to and select the “Try it out!” button.

You will be asked to provide your email, password and your website URL to create your account.

Once you create your account, you will be logged into your chat panel. In your Tidio Chat panel, click on the “Integration” tab and select the ”click here to go to settings” link.

A new window will pop-up with a JavaScript code. Please copy the code to your clipboard for later use.

Next, go to your Shopify store, locate the “Online Store” tab > Themes > click on the [...] button > Edit HTML/CSS and find your theme.liquid folder (you can use search engine if necessary). Now you can paste the code from above just before the closing tag. Make sure you save your changes once you are finished.

Now, just copy the highlighted part of the code (copy everything between the ‘//’ and ‘ “ ’).

Then, go back to your ShopPad configuration page and enter the “Third-Party Scripts” section. Now, click on the “Add Third-Party Script” button and paste the code snippet from above. Then, click the “Save” button.

That’s it! You have successfully installed our chat to your ShopPad website.

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