Using Email Integration

How to make use of our email integration?

Our email integration allows you to receive all emails sent to an integrated address right in your Tidio Chat panel.

You can see how and where to install our integration here.

Once you have an integration finished, you can go ahead and test it by sending an email to the address used. We will use a Gmail account as an example, sending an email as usual:


The email will reach our Gmail inbox, but will also appear as a pop-up notification in the Tidio Chat panel.
Opening it will make it appear just like a message sent through the chat widget installed on your website however, it will be marked as "Chat" on the right, so you can easily distinguish it from other message and switch the channel below accordingly if necessary.

You can see that there's a red dot by the "Chat" button below, which means that the sender of this email is not on your website at the moment, and thus unavailable for chat.
If a visitor on your site uses the same email address (by filling a Pre-Chat Survey for example) the contact would be merged automatically, and you would be able to switch between channels easily to choose how you would like to reach out to that person.

You can also make some basic Html font customizations now and add some attachments, if you like.

Please note that sending an email back to the original sender will cause the email to appear in his inbox as a separate thread and not  as a response to the initial email.
This is caused by our mailing system design, making each operator having his unique email address with a randomly generated ID for easier tracking.

You can see that my response hasn’t been added to the initial thread. However, all the future replies in this particular thread will.

If you experience any difficulties using the integration or if you feel that it's not working properly, feel free to reach out to us at our support chat available either in your chat panel or at http://www.tidiochat.com, or by email at [email protected]

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