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Using Messenger integration

How does our Messenger integration work?

Our Messenger integration allows you to pick up all incoming queries sent to your Facebook fanpage in your Tidio Chat panel.

It also allows you to reply from a single window, whether they have just messaged you via Facebook Messenger or the chat, without switching anything, logging into another account or opening another app.

To make sure that the integration works fine, you can give it a quick test by following a couple steps:

1. Go to your Facebook fanpage and press the "Message" button to start a conversation.

2. Send a message, just like to a regular Messenger user.

3. You should receive an incoming message notification in your Tidio Chat account. Opening it will start a chat with the "Messenger" channel marked as default.4. You can send a message back to your Messenger using the same chat window you have received it in.

5. The message should appear directly in your visitor's Messenger window, just as you would send it from your own Messenger account.If you experience any difficulties using the integration or if you feel that it's not working properly, feel free to reach out to us at our support chat available either in your chat panel or at http://www.tidiochat.com or by email at support@tidio.net


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