Getting started

Using Tidio Chat

Receiving and replying to visitor’s messages is very easy. This is how it looks from your visitor’s point of view:

When the visitor hits enter and sends you a message, a popup will appear informing you about that along with a sound notification:

The new visitor will appear in the 'Unassigned' section of your sidebar in the Tidio Panel:

As well as on in the 'Visitors' tab:

In the visitors panel you can also see some additional information. Next to the name of the visitor (it can be a random-generated name, e-mail address if provided, or actual name), there will be a bar indicating who is the operator handling the conversation. If there’s nothing there, it means that currently no one is chatting with the visitor. Next, you will have a flag indicating the country, from which the visitor is writing and an icon representing the visitor’s browser. Last thing here is the page the visitor is currently browsing.


Now, how to engage into that conversation? Very simple - just click on the new pending conversation; doing so will take you to the chat window:

Some interesting thing to be noted here: since there was no reply to the customer for a longer time, an automated message appeared informing him that there is a high volume of incoming chats. This is our automation feature, which allows you send automated message under specific circumstances. More about this feature on this site.

On the right hand side, you can see some details about the visitor: His location on a map, his name, the site he is currently on, the information about his operating system and browser and his IP address.

You can write the customer back by typing the message in the window and hitting enter. You can also attach a picture using the button above the reply button. Your customer can also do that from their end:

And that’s how the final exchange looks:

You can also transfer the chat to another operator, if, for example, you need to go to a meeting or have too much workload yourself. To do that, you click the three dots next to the Visitor’s name and location in the sidebar, and select Reassign Operator:

From there, you just select the appropriate person from the list and hit Assign:

And it’s done!

The chat window will display a message indicating that a new operator has joined the chat and that the conversation has been transferred:

Finally, when you are finished, you can leave a conversation. You can do it by clicking the Leave button above the conversation, or by using the three dots menu option Leave Conversation:

And these are the basics of using Tidio Chat to communicate with your customers!

If you have more questions regarding our Tidio Panel or the Chat, you can check out our knowledge articles or contact us directly via chat on or by email at [email protected]

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