In the 'Visitors' tab you can see the list of all users currently visiting your website. See their location, which browser they are using and the url of the page they are currently viewing.

Click on a visitor's name to begin a new conversation.

After you start a conversation with your visitor, you will see your current chat appear on the top of your conversations list.

You will also see other active conversations on the list as well. The name in the gray box will indicate the operator that is handling the chat request.

Discover everything you need to know about your visitors in the info section to the right of the chat window.

Add their name, email address and phone number manually or set up a pre-chat survey to have this automated for you.

note: Users who have not provided their name will appear as a hashtag ID until you have set a name for them.

Why does the Visitors list differ from what Google Analytics show?

Tidio Chat uses a different algorithm than Google Analytics. Our chat will show you the exact amount of visitors on your website while having the chat installed on your site.

If you’ll have any questions regarding the visitors section, feel free to contact us via chat or at [email protected]

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