Adding Tidio Chat to Your Website

Weebly Installation Guide

In this article we will show you how to easily install Tidio Chat in your Weebly Store. There are two options available for you:

Option 1. Install Tidio Chat using a plugin

1. Firstly, please login to your Weebly account and select Edit Site for the site you would like to add Tidio Chat to.

2. Next, click on the Apps (1) button on the left and select App Center (2).

3. On the following page, type in 'Tidio' in the search bar.

4. Select Tidio Chat from the search results.

5. You will be redirected to our app’s page. Click on the Add button in the Tidio Chat app page.

6. A new window will pop-up. Click on the Connect buttons to continue the installation.

7. You will be automatically redirected to the Tidio Chat panel. Please follow the instructions in the quick setup. After finishing the setup, please click on Go to Panel and Publish.

8. After being moved back to your Weebly editor, click on the Publish button to complete the installation.

That’s it! You have successfully installed our chat on your website! You can now access the chat panel to customize it.

How to log into the Tidio Chat panel.

1. To login to your Tidio Chat panel, please click on Apps (1) and then My Apps (2).

2. Next, click on the Manage button next to Tidio Chat in your apps section. You'll be moved to the chat panel where you can answer all incoming messages.

3. If you would like to be able to log into Tidio Chat via or to login with your mobile app, please select the Create your account button in the top left of your Tidio Chat panel.

Option 2. Install Tidio Chat via JavaScript code

1. You can easily add an existing project to your Weebly website by adding the chat manually. If you want to transfer your chat from another website to Weebly, please copy the code snippet from your chat panel. To find the installation code please go to the Channels (1) and click on the Integration (2) section.

2. After clicking on the Integration section, please Click here to see a set of instructions with a JavaScript code. Copy the JavaScript code to your clipboard.

3. Next, go to your Weebly editor, select the Theme (1) tab and click on Edit HTML / CSS (2).

4. Choose landing.html file (1) and paste the code from above, right before the closing tag. The screenshot below will help you to find this. Please remember to Save (2) the changes and refresh your website once you are finished.

5. Click on the Publish button in your Weebly editor to complete the installation.

In case you run into any troubles during installation or experience any difficulties with our application, please contact us via chat on our website or at [email protected]

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