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What are the differences between the Basic, PRO, and Premium plans

Tidio Chat provides you with 3 outstanding packages to help improve your business. Take a look below to see which plan works best for you:


3 Chats at a time: Chat with up to three visitors at a time.

Email and Messenger integration: All our plans include free live chat for your website, integration with messenger and your email mailbox.

Smart User Merging: Thanks to the intelligent user merging algorithms, it doesn’t matter from which channel your customers write (email, chat, messenger), you have all their messages in one place.

Widget customization: Select from two innovative chat themes and modify the colors to match your website.

iOS + Android Apps: Native mobile apps for iOS and Adroid devices to stay online on the go. 

Desktop App: Stylish apps to help manage your chat from your desktop or browser on Mac and Windows.

History: Browse your chat history and get detailed information about each visitor

Visitors List: Check on which page your visitors are or where they come from. Choose any person on your website and start chatting with them.

 3rd Party Apps Integrations:  Tidio integrates with over twenty of the leading apps for businesses giving you easy access to your favourite help desk or CRM and letting you become even more effective.


*Includes all Basic features plus:

Unlimited chats: Chat with as many visitors as you can handle.

Automation: Generate more leads with each new visitor on your website, by using Automatic Messages, Emails and more...

Opening Hours: Ensure your chat is offline when you're outside of your working : Collect your visitor’s name, e-mail, and telephone number before they begin a chat.

Pre-chat survey: Collect your visitor's name, e-mail and telephone number before they begin a chat. You can access this information during or after the chat.

Chat on site link: Link the chat to a button on your page and open it in a new, fully customizable window.

Multilanguage options: Display your chat in the language of your visitors.


*Includes all PRO features plus:

Departments: Organize your team into separate departments (Sales, Support, etc..).

Tags: Add tags to identify repeat customers, potential clients, and much more.

Analytics: Obtain more information about your clients and build in-depth reports on the data you have gathered.

Enriched visitor information: Let us find as many details about your visitors as possible, using just an email address they provide.

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