Why are my notifications delayed?

Why does this occur?

The delay that you may be experiencing is a common problem amongst Android devices and has been reported for applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, and many others.

The reason it occurs is simple: when you’re in Low Power Mode, the device will limit the amount of notifications sent to you in order to save energy.

What can you do?

If you’re using apps that additionally help you preserve your battery’s life (e.g. Battery Doctor), please check if they’re not causing delays. Some manufacturers like Asus, Sony, or Samsung also offer modes that cut down on the mobile data or Wi-Fi connections. So when you put your device in sleep mode you’re automatically being cut off from our servers and notifications.

Another thing that you can do is manually stop your apps from running in the background.

To set up intervals in which you’re receiving your notifications you can install a Push Notifications Fixer App available at Google Play. There you will be able to alter how often you wish to have your notifications sent to you.

What if your notifications are still being delayed?

If tweaking the settings on your mobile device does not result in a better performance and you are still receiving notifications after a long period of time, please contact us via chat or write to us at [email protected]

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