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Why is there a difference in number of active visitors on my chat and Google Analytics

Why does the Visitors list differ from what Google Analytics show?

Tidio Chat uses a different algorithm than Google Analytics. Our chat will show you the exact amount of visitors on your website while having the chat installed on your site. This means that even if your Visitors are not active, have your website running in the background or in another tab, they will still be displayed on the Visitors list.

The Real-Time Reports in the Google Analytics dashboard show the activity if the visitor/user has triggered an event or pageview within the past 5 minutes. Thus visitors that are idle or not active will be removed and not shown. This causes the difference between Google Analytics reports and our Chat Panel.

If the number of your visitors in your Google Analytics dashboard is higher than in your Chat Panel Visitors section, please check if you are looking at the Real-Time Reports, not your summary, and if you have your Chat Widget installed on all of your website pages, and not only on one, as it gathers information from the page on which it is installed. 

Also, please check our Google Analytics integration video to know more about Tidio Chat events that you can see in your Real-Time Reports section:

In the video you can see how simple the integration is, where to check your events and which events are displayed. Those events are: 

  • Offline form sent
  • Pre-chat survey filled
  • Chat started
  • Visitor banned
  • Chat rated good
  • Chat rated bad

If you have any questions regarding the Google Analytics integration, feel free to contact us via chat or at support@tidio.net


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