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Wix - Adding your mobile widget

If you would like to add the mobile widget to your Wix site, please follow the steps below:

After you install Tidio Chat to your Wix website, select the widget in your Wix dashboard and click on the settings tab to open your Tidio Chat app menu.

Scroll down to the “Mobile Widget” option in the menu and select the pages you would like to add the mobile widget to. You will see a “Mobile only” pop up appear on your screen.

Next, go to the Wix mobile editor by selecting “Edit Mobile View” in the top right corner of your Wix Dashboard.

Here you are able to adjust the placement of the Tidio Chat widget on your mobile page.

Feel free to adjust the default text in the mobile widget to your liking! To do that, simply click on the widget’s settings inside your Wix editor (1), proceed to the ‘Texts’ section and edit the ‘Mobile button’ field.

We recommend having the text no longer than 50 characters.

wix chat with us.png

Furthermore, it’s possible to edit the mobile widget’s size to suit your needs. You can do it in the mobile view of your website by simply dragging the widget’s edge around the page.

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 20.09.18.png


The final step is to save and publish the changes in the Wix editor.

That’s it. Tidio Chat will now be visible for all visitors on your Wix mobile site. 


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